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1. Favorite Halloween movies: that’s a tough one! there are so many good ones lol. TNBC, Hocus Pocus, Under Wraps, Halloween, Halloweentown, and tons more but those are some of my favorites :)

17. Costume this year : I planned on dressing as the Misfits Fiend/Crimson Ghost (whatever you prefer to call him) or a Grave Ghoul  (image courtesy of Spirit) 

20. Would I rather carve a pumpkin or eat pumpkin pie? Wow, that’s hard since I love both. But since I can’t say both lol I’ll say carve a pumpkin! save the pie for Thanksgiving lol Thanks for the asks! <3


1. This tree is ADORABLE and makes me go all flaily-hands. 2. Oh yes, doing this to our tree next year. YES. Via creepygirllove:

Nightmare Before Christmas tree.

….. I’m in love! <3


jack skellington cupcakes
click here for recipe



jack skellington cupcakes